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Concert September 22nd, Cologne Philharmonie

A concert Gala with opera and operetta by Jacques Offenbach.

Eleonore Marguerre singa arias and duets by Offenbach, Bizet, Suppé together with Matthias Koziorowski, Wieland Satter and the Kölner Männer Gesangsvereins. The Neue Philharmonie Westfalen orchestra is playing conducted by Bernhard Steiner.


Mahler 8th Symphony, Chorégies d’Orange, July 29th

Rehearsing in Paris for my first time singing Mahler’s 8th symphony with Radio France, before we’re all heading to Orange and the Théâtre Antique in Orange bei den Chorégies for their 150th anniversaery..


Magna Peccatrix Meagan Miller
Una poenitentium Ricarda Merbeth
Mater gloriosa Eleonore Marguerre
Mulier Samaritana Claudia Mahnke
Maria Aegyptica Gerhild Romberger
Doctor Marianus Nikolaï Schukoff
Pater ecstaticus Boaz Daniel
Pater profondus Albert Dohmen

Additional show “War & Peace” June 14th

…and I dance again as Natascha Rostova at Staatstheater Nuremberg .. Prokofiev’s monumental work on Tolstoi’a novel about love, intrigue and war. Directed by Jens-Daniel Herzog, conducted by Joana Mallwitz.

March 8th – World Premiere of “Frankenstein” at Brussels..

The premiere was a big success and the press likes it, too! Already two sold out shows ..

“with beautiful vocal lines sung by the excellent German soprano Eleonore Marguerre. She is innocent Elizabeth, Dr. Frankenstein’s wife and she is the only loving person. Therefore she has to do die in this world of madnes..”  (L’ECHO, 12.3.2019)


The first opera ever written based on Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein” by MARK GREY and I look forward to sing Frankenstein’s wife Elizabeth.. although I get killed by the creature in the end..


Check out my newest english podcast episode presenting the new opera “Frankenstein” to you together with American composter Mark Grey

And we will be live on March 15h at 20:00 (UTC +1) – available til September 14th 2019

Conductor – BASSEM AKIKI
Set design – ALFONS FLORES

Victor Frankenstein- SCOTT HENDRICKS
Blind Man / Father – STEPHAN LOGES

Prosecutor – William Dazeley

Theatre la Monnaie / De Munt Bruxelles

The Bat / La Chauve-Souris at Lake Geneva @Opera de Lausanne live Radio on Espace 2

Who didn’t get a ticket of our “Fledermaus” / “Chauve-Souris” at Opera de Lausanne can listen for free to our live Radio broadcast on Dec 31rst at 20H at



There we are in our fun Operetta “Die Fledermaus” – french style.. So my german Rosalinde now has to learn french dialogues.. Quel plaisir!

… and here a my 15 minutes operaguide podcast *now in English as well* on the “Bat” for you to enjoy the story even more..


Eisenstein – Stephan Genz
Prince Orlofsky – Lamia Beuque
Alfred – Jean-François Borras
Adele – Marie Lys
Frank -Jean-François Vinciguerra
Falke – Björn Bürger
Blind – Pier-Yves Têtu
Frosch et Vengance – Shin Iglesias
Ida – Yuki Tsurusaki

Conductor – Frank Beermann
Director and scenography – Adriano Sinivia
Set and costume designer – Enzo Iorio
Lighting designer – Fabrice Kebour
Choreographer – Konethong Vongpraseuth

Premiere of War and Peace / Prokoviev Last Show on Nov 17th @Staatstheater Nürnberg

Eleonore Marguerre as Natasha Rostova

First reviews are really enthuastic about the production…

„At this opera night we see and hear an ideal vocal and acting-wise totally credible incarnation of an overwhelmingly good Natascha sung by Eleonore Marguerre. The enormous applause for Marguerre by the audience proved the singer’s abilities to give an accurate portrait of this young and confused women in search of her true self.“
Opernfreund 2.10.

„The reason is also to be found in Eleonore Marguerre, who portrays and sings so credibly the young and inexperienced Natascha with her youthful soprano. It is her who carries the audience through the first part.“
Klassikinfo, 3. 10.2018

„With such a large and accomplished ensemble cast, it seems almost unfair to pick out individual singers for praise, but the central trio was in a class of its own: Eleonore Marguerre’s detailed and vocally nuanced exploration of the character of Natasha, Jochen Kupfer’s nobly sung Andrei and Zurab Zurabishvili’s conflicted, passionate Pierre.“
Bachtrack, 1.10.

NMZ 1.10.

Klassikinfo 3.10.

BR Klassik 01.10.

Münchner Merkur 2.10.

Donaukurier, 2.10.18

Bach Track 1.10.

DLF 01.10.18

Opernfreund 2.10.

Nürnberger Nachrichten 2.10.

Director: Jens-Daniel Herzog
Conductor: Joana Mallwitz

Fürst Andrei Bolkonski – Jochen Kupfer
Pierre Besuchow – Zurab Zurabishvili
Anatol Kuragin – Tadeusz Szlenkier
Helene Besuchowa – Irina Maltseva
Sonja/2. Schauspielerin/Matrjoscha – Kathrin Heles
Maria Dmitrijewna Achrossimowa/Mawra Kusminitschna – Martina Dike
Marija Bolkonskaja – Almerija Delic
Dolochow/Jacqueau – Taras Girininkas
Denissow – Denis Milo/Michael Fischer
Platon Karatajew – Martin Platz
Nikolai Bolkonski/General Belliard – Nicolai Karnolsky
Matwejew/Adjutant aus dem Gefolge Napoleons/Balage – Gor Harutyunyan
Peronskaja/Dunjascha, Stubenmädchen Rostows/1. Schauspielerin – Andromahi Raptis
Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg
Chor und Extrachor des Staatstheaters Nürnberg

Tickets: State Theatre Nuremberg (Webshop) or tel. 0049.911.231-3808



Nominated “best female Singer” – Welt am Sonntag 2018

Nice surprise to start the holidays – I was nominated “best female singer” by german newspapert “Welt am Sonntag” for “ARABELLA” at Oper Dortmund..

La Traviata #LastShow @Staatstheater Nürnberg July, 20th

I’m really looking forward to singing one last show of “La Traviata” at Staatstheater Nürnberg in the version and direction of Peter Konwitschny tonight at 19:30h.

La Traviata
Staatstheater Nürnberg 2018

Arabella at Staatstheater Wiesbaden, April 18th

Surprise, surprise…on short notice I sang beloved “Arabella” again in the direction of Uwe-Eric Laufenberg.. It was VERY exciting and beautiful and a great pleasure to be on stage with chief conductor Patrick Lange and the amazing Mandryka ofThomas J. Mayer ..

Staatstheater Wiesbaden


New CD released. American Songs by Jon Pescevich

Centaur Record, 2018

Songs by Jon Pescevich after poems by Edgar Alan Poe and Emily Dickinson..
and if You want to have a try-out, You can listen to some extracts..


Dec 15 – Jan 6 – Gipsy Baron / Baron Tzigane @Genève Opera

First reviews …

“Best was the Saffi of Eleonore Marguerre. Her voice has strength and musicality and she could have the potential to expand into heavier German roles.” Seen and Heard inter. 19/12/2017

“Eleonore Marguerre portrays a remarkable Saffi, with a colourful and round voice, with a lovely and delicate vibrato. She reduces powerful high notes to a filo di voce and delivers a subtle portrait of the character. “Olryx 17.12.2017

“Eleonore Marguerre is a remarkable Saffi with a round and warm voice and with her aria in the first act the evening starts to finally get emotional.“Le Temps 17.12.2017

“Eleonore Marguerre als Saffi nimmt uns ein und sticht aus der Besetzung zweifellos heraus.” Tribune de Genève 16.12.2017

Premiere Day on Dec 15h 2017 at Grand Theatre Geneva

Conductor Stefan Blunier
Director Christian Räth
Set & costumes Leslie Travers
Sándor Barinkay Jean-Pierre Furlan
Sáffi Eleonore Marguerre
Czipra Marie-Ange Todorovitch
Arsena Melody Louledjian
Comte Carnero Daniel Djambazian
Kálmán Zsupán Christophoros Stamboglis
Ottokar Loïc Félix
Comte Homonay Marc Mazuir
Mirabella Jeannette Fischer

Podcast Listeners !
If You want to get my personal 13 min introduction in english to the story of the Gipsy Baron I am happy to invite You to listen to my podcast – click here

And for all french-speaking visitors the artistic head of Genève Opéra Daniel Dollé offers an introduction to Gipsy Baron –

Premiere of Arabella @Oper Dortmund

The premiere went really well and the critics are more than pleasing..

Deutschlandfunk (Podcast) 24.9.2017 “A young woman, singing and acting perfectly..”

Der neue Merker Vienna, OctoberEleonore Marguerre in the huge lead role is fantastic. Young and full of life she manages to portrait the young woman Arabella – not an elder Diva. Without any sign of tiredness she sings the chromatic parts, the fast parlando, hit well also the low notes and showed great legato lines in the thoughtful solo scenes and held a fantastic High B at the end of the Opera “Nimm mich wie ich bin” – the audience was visibly pleased, someone even hummed the famous “Aber der Richtige”..”

Ruhrbarone 25.9.2017  “It’s the evening of Eleonore Marguerre. Her velvetlike, round soprano fills up the audience with sound.”

Westfalenpost 25.9.2017 “Arabella could be a russian oligarchian princess, bored, spoiled and unsatisfied. The soprano manages her huge part with beaming, effortless high notes and a voluptuous middle register.”


Theater Dortmund
Premiere 24.9.2017
Musikalische Leitung Gabriel
Feltz Regie Jens-Daniel Herzog
Bühne Mathis Neidhardt Kostüme
Sibylle Gädeke Chor Manuel Pujol
Georg Holzer
Graf Waldner: Morgan Moody
Adelaide: Almerija Delic
Arabella: Eleonore Marguerre
Zdenka: Ashley Thouret
Mandryka: Sangmin Lee
Matteo: Thomas Paul
Graf Elemer: Alexander Sprague
Graf Dominik: Marvin Zobel
Graf Lamoral: Luke Stoker
Fiakermilli: Jeannette Wernecke
Eine Kartenaufschlägerin: Julia Amos
Drei Spieler: Geronti Cernysev, David Cheong, Youngbin Park
Welko, Leibhusar des Mandryka: Mario Ahlborn
Jankel, Diener des Mandryka: Georg Kirketerp
Ein Zimmerkellner: Johannes Knecht
Mit dem: Opernchor des Theater Dortmund
Mit den: Dortmunder Philharmonikern

SuperThrill Jumpin at Grand Théâtre de Genève in “Manon”

Wow, that was a thrill! Running from a relaxed weekend to the airport to do a matinee show of my beloved “Manon” at Grand Théâtre de Genève where I’ve last sung in 2007. The great Patricia Petibon could only act due to an illness and I sang from the side together with fantastic Marko Letonja conducting and the wonderful cast

Le Chevalier des Grieux Bernard Richter
Lescaut Pierre Doyen
Gillot de Morfontaine Rodolphe Briand
Monsieur de Brétigny Marc Mazuir
Le Comte des Grieux Bálint Szabó
Poussette Seraina Perrenoud
Javotte Mary Feminear*
Rosette Marina Viotti*



Traviata Reviews…

La Traviata, Act 1, with Sébastien Droy, Opéra de Tours, 2015, Pic by Francois Berthand

La Traviata, Act 1, with Sébastien Droy, Opéra de Tours, 2015, Pic by Francois Berthand

Our Premiere was a great event, leaving us exhausted and the public enthusiastic – here a first critique in french –

“The role of Violetta must have been ripened and thought through for a long time, so accomplished and sincere is the interpretation of sEleonore Marguerre (…) In “Ah! Fors’è lui” every phrase is elegant as in Mozart, every word and every sillalble is cisellised, and meaningful and still the voice stays vibrant and powerful.  We see the art of the actress in the second act, full of suffering until the passionate outburst of love in “Amami Alfredo”. (…) We, the public suffer til the bitter end, compassionate with this Violetta, who is so drunk of life and yet so fragile as a bird that has fallen off a tree. ” Classique News

“Eleonore Marguerre is greeted by justified ovations. This german Soprano can fulfil from one side to the other one of the most demanding roles in the whole repertoire. Coming from a coloratura past, she has kept her vocal agilitiy, which is very welcome in the first act aria up to the High E flat.  (…) Her slender appearance ressembling to Romy Schneider make the whole evening credible, matched by her equally attractive partner Sébastien Droy.” (22.5.2015)

Wukali 24.5.